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Cool Stingrays

Welcome to Power Tuning CS (Corvette Stingray)

We specialize in tuning and restoring Corvette Stingrays. We will turn your brand new 2016 Corvette stingray into a true beast with more power, better grip and better steering than anything else on the road. The only limitations are your imagination and your budget.

We will work on any Corvette. Not just on the Sting Rays. Our passion is split window 2 gen sting rays but we also love the Makos, the blue devils and all the other Corvettes. We will also help you work on other muscle cars. We do not work with exotics nor SUVs. We like the old Ford F1 as much as the next guy but we think these are best restored by people who specialize in SUVS and old jeeps.

Power Tuning a Modern Corvette

We power tune our corvettes to give you optimal prestanda. This means that we do not try to maximize the horse power or speed. We try to balance the car so that the car you get back is stronger, faster and handles better. We will nor provide you with more power than the steering and breaks can handle. If you want us to maximize the power without regard for other factors we will do that but it is not what we usually do.

We only use high quality parts. We work with providers from all over the world to be able to get the best parts at the cheapest prices. We then pass these savings on to you. A few examples of this is that we get our rims from a provider in Germany, our tires from a provider in Sweden and our upholstery from a local provider here in the US. We never use cheap third party parts.

Restoring a Classic Corvette

Bringing an old Corvette back to life is one of the best things we get to do here at PowerTuningCS. Taking an old piece of junk and turning it into a piece of art is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Having an old Corvette restored can also be very profitable since there is a large demand and people are willing to pay high prices. Our goal is always that you should get your car back looking like it just came of the showroom floor.

We restore Corvettes to be true to the original. If you want alternations to make your car more modern you will need to tell us about it. It is not something we do unless the client asks for it. We do not replace the engine or modify early matching serial number Corvettes. These are too rare and too valuable to modify. There are plenty of already modified corvettes out there if you want to modify one. Let the few originals remain.

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How much does it cost

It is impossible to give you a quote without knowing exactly what you want. Seemingly small differences such as the color of the paint can have a large effect on the price. The only thing we can tell you is that we do all we can to give you the best price possible without reducing the quality. Use the contact us page if you want to get a rough estimate on how much it will cost to realize your dream. The more details you provide, the more reliable our quote will be. Please understand that we will be unable to give you a more reliable quote until we see the car in person. Photos help but are no substitution for seeing the car.

If you want to restore an old vintage Corvette we will always tell you if we think it is viable to restore the car. If you will see the money you spent reflected in the value of the car or if you will have to spend more money than the car will be worth worth to restore it. We understand that money might not be your reason for restoring the car. That emotions often can be a stronger motivator. We want you to know what you are getting yourself into and if you can expect to get your money back if you sell it at a later date. We will of course be happy to restore your car no matter your motivation for doing so.

c1Restoring an old C1 or C2 Corvette can often be expensive as parts are rare and the cars require a lot of work to look as good as we want them to look. If you restore a C1 or C2 you should make sure they look perfect when you are done. A vintage Stingray is a true dream car and only a few of us will ever own one. If you want one you will have to work hard and save all you can.

Below we have have written a short introduction to different classical corvettes and whether they are worth restoring or not. This is a very rough guide and we recommend that you contact us to ask about your car. Exact model and year, previous owners and a number of other variables can affect the price and whether or not it is worth spending the money to restore a car.

Corvette Sting Ray History

The C1’s

The first generation of Corvettes came to light in 1953 when the first Corvette was introduced, and ended with the 1962 Corvette. The C1 Corvettes have been nicknamed "Straight Axle" Corvettes since they contain a very simple and straightforward suspension system. The first three models had characteristic rocket tail lights, while the 1956 and 1957 models can be easily identified by the Cove. The 1953-1955 models definitely had a certain “rocket theme” to them. The 1956 and 1957 Corvettes are extremely beloved cars. This is partly due to their playful design with plenty of chrome. In 1958, quad headlight treatment was introduced and this style was used for all the following models of the first generation. The 1961 and 1962 year models introduced a rear that would later be used in the second generation Corvettes. We love restoring 1th generation stingrays.

The C2’s

The second generation Corvettes form an extremely important part of the Corvette Sting Ray history. This era was when the name Corvette Sting Ray was used for the first time and the early Sting Rays are among the most sought after cars on the planet. The C2 generation was very short, it began with the 1963 Corvette and ended with the 1967 Corvette. These cars are commonly referred to as the mid-year Corvettes in Corvette Sting Ray history.
The C2 generation was designed by Larry Shinoda and styled by Bill Mitchel. They were the first ones to use independent rear suspension, a fact that clearly distinguishes them from the old straight-axle corvettes of the C1 generation. The second generation is a truly great car and should always be given a high end restoration. They are as earlier mentioned some of the most sought after cars in the world.

The C3’s

This part of Corvette Sting Ray history lasted much longer than the previous generations, from 1968 to 1982.  The chassis was the same as in the C2 Corvettes, but the body style was completely new. This new style can be seen in the cars of the C4, C5 and C6 generations as well. The cars created during the early part of this era is commonly referred to as the “chrome bumper Corvettes”. Chrome bumpers were used from 1968 to 1972 and give the cars a distinctive style. By the mid 70’s, emission laws and safety regulations had forced car manufacturers to focus on other things than style, drivability and performance. Unfortunately, the technical innovations were still quite crude and Corvette had to sacrifice performance to measure up to the new requirements. These cars do not have the same status as earlier versions. They are worth restoring but it might be a good idea to limit the budget and not go crazy.

The C4’s

The C4 generation featured a fresh chassis and an entirely new body style. The 1990 model was given a new interior and the dashboard layout was improved. The Corvettes also became safer for passengers with the introduction of a driver's side air bag. In 1991, the exterior was changed and the traditional concave rear bumper was replaced by a convex one. The C4 generation lasted from 1983 to 1996, and most people prefer the late models to the early ones. Most purist will not consider these car to be Sting Rays. They are just Corvettes. These corvette cars are nice but they have not really reached the point of becoming classic cars yet. It is usually not a good idea to spend a lot of money restoring one but now can be a good time to buy one to restore later. We almost never work with these cars and this site does not contain any information on them.

New Era Vettes - C5,C6 & C7’s

The new era corvettes offer a new aggressive style that is true to their heritage. They offer very good prestanda and if you allow us to tune your new era Corvette you will end up with a true monster that can beat pretty much everything on the roads.

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