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Corvette Sting Ray Weekends

Corvette Sting Ray Weekends

Corvette Sting Ray Weekends are arranged in many different parts of the world, but a majority of them are of course to be found in the homeland of the Corvette Sting Ray – the United States of America.

Eureka Springs Corvette Sting Ray Weekends

eurekaEureka Springs Corvette Sting Ray Weekends have been held since 1991, when it started out as a small picnic for Corvette enthusiasts. Eureka Springs Corvette Sting Ray Weekends are today attracting over 1,000 Corvettes each year and it has become one of the three biggest non-commercial annual Corvette events in the country. Eureka Springs is a small town with less than 2,300 residents, but nevertheless famous for its numerous festivals and celebratory weekends. The town is nestled in the Ozark Mountains in north-western Arkansas and the entire town is included in the National Register of Historic Places, since it has a unique European style with winding streets and old fashion Victorian houses.

The Eureka Springs Corvette Sting Ray Weekend always takes place during the first weekend of October, when the Arkansas weather is mild and pleasant. The weekend does not focus on competition; it is simply a way for Corvette enthusiasts to meet and have fun. When the Corvette Sting Ray weekends began, car enthusiasts gathered in one small parking lot near Luigi’s restaurant in downtown Eureka Springs. For the first year, 33 Corvettes showed up and fitting into the parking lot was not a problem. As the Corvette Sting Ray Weekends grew, the car show moved to Pine Mountain Village where there is more space to accommodate all the Corvettes that show up for the Corvette Sting Ray weekends.

Maryland Corvette Sting Ray Weekends

The Free State Corvette Ocean City Weekend is arranged every year by the Free State Corvette Club (FSCC) in Maryland. These Corvette Sting Ray Weekends contain both competitions and non-competitive events. You can for instance compete in the Celebrity Judge Fun Show and the Double Rallye. Examples of the non-competitive events that can be enjoyed during the Free State Corvette Sting Ray weekends are the Friday night welcoming party and the Boardwalk Parade of Corvettes.

Wasaga Beach CorvetteWasaga Beach Corvette Sting Ray Weekends

The Wasaga Beach Corvette Sting Ray Weekend is one example of a Corvette weekend outside the United States. Wasaga Beach is a Canadian town located roughly 2 hours north of downtown Toronto in the Ontario province. It is famous for having the world’s longest freshwater beach (14kilometres / 8.5 miles). The Corvette Sting Ray weekends in Wasaga Beach are arranged by the Wasaga Beach Corvette Club and takes place during the third weekend of August each year. In 2005, over 200 registrants showed up for the Corvette Sting Ray Weekend and the festivities included a slalom event at the Huronia Midland airport where 15 cars participated. There was also a well received dinner where Corvette aficionados from Ontario as well as from other places had a good time and got to know each other better.